A Triumph Dayona 675 in blue

A Triumph Dayona 675 in blue

Who are you?

I’m a journalist, specificially I’m a young, struggling journalist. My name is Sam. Here is a photo of me laughing while on assignment learning how to surf.


Laughing at a rude joke

What is this page about?

When you are starting out in journalism you don’t make a lot of money which, is fine. Or at least it was fine until a few months ago.

I happened to walk into my local bike showroom – just after passing my bike test – and I saw a Triumph Daytona 675. This was dangerous enough as it is a stunningly beautiful motorcycle but I foolishly went for a test ride, and now I’m in love.

The Lovely Daytona I took out for a ride
The lovely Daytona I took out for a ride

I must have one, so that is what this blog is about me trying to scrape together the cash for a Daytona 675 of my own.

Are you involved with Triumph?

Nope, not in the slightest. I’m going to have to earn this motorcycle the hard way which is by saving every penny I can.

Can I help?

Yes, although I’m not sure how yet, unless you have a Daytona of your own that you want to donate? I’m trying to work out how to put donate buttons on the blog but it’s being bad.