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november202820mcn20main20cropHello People,

I’m going to stop posting on this blog because I’ve started working at Motorcycle News. I’ll leave the blog up as it’s still attracting a load of people who want to read about the F 800 GS off-road and how to clean a helmet but I won’t be posting again.

If you want your fix of the latest news related to motorised things with two wheels, head over to the MCN website.

Cheers for all your support,



Sorry for the lack of posting. I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement while working at Motorcycle News and part of that document said I wouldn’t work on any competing websites while I was there. I’m sure they didn’t mean ‘no posting on a silly blog about bikes’ but I thought it would be best to leave off posting for a bit just to be safe.

In any event not much has been happening on the motorbike front. On Christmas Eve an old chum of my dad turned up to say hello and show my brother and I a catalogue and metal plate thing from some motorcycle event that had been held in California. Once you see the photo you will understand why.

Look it's dad!
Look it’s dad!

I wonder if I can make it to the next one, I’ll have a dig around.

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