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Sorry for the lack of posting. I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement while working at Motorcycle News and part of that document said I wouldn’t work on any competing websites while I was there. I’m sure they didn’t mean ‘no posting on a silly blog about bikes’ but I thought it would be best to leave off posting for a bit just to be safe.

In any event not much has been happening on the motorbike front. On Christmas Eve an old chum of my dad turned up to say hello and show my brother and I a catalogue and metal plate thing from some motorcycle event that had been held in California. Once you see the photo you will understand why.

Look it's dad!
Look it’s dad!

I wonder if I can make it to the next one, I’ll have a dig around.


My Dad’s motorbike habit first started when he was at School. He even formed the Motorbike Club there, much to the disappointment of his teachers. Word spread about this club and one day a photographer turned up and took some photos of him jumping the motorcycle in his school uniform.

The pictures were published in a newspaper and Dad nearly got expelled for this. Eton wasn’t that forward thinking at the time and motorcycles were considered a menace, but he managed to talk his way out of the problem in the end.

Here is the offending picture, it’s slightly blurry but I think that is because it so old.

Note the formal motorcross jacket
Note the formal motorcross jacket

I definitely think the formal jacket with tails needs to make a return to biker fashion, Dinnerwear by Dianese anyone? Also Sidi should start making some armoured racing brogues.

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