Here is a page where I record the funding for the bike so far. This is only the money I’ve managed to save, or put aside for the bike. A second hand 675 seems to go for around the £6,000 mark so I’ve got a bit more saving to do before I can start thinking about colours.

*UPDATE – Newspaper was rather late in paying me and so the £400 got swallowed up by bills, hopefully when the cheque turns up it can reappear but for now it’s a mythical £400 like a unicorn made out of money.

Not looking so great at the moment...

Not looking so great at the moment...

Just for fun I thought I’d give a list of the things that have helped raise the cash for this bike, it’s not extensive so far but it should grow soon.

1 – £400 – I wrote a piece about some of the the awful things my ex-girlfriend used to do. It was for a newspaper, sadly they never used it but I still got paid.