I’m a subscriber to Bike Magazine, I’ve been for a while now. I was strangely methodical about trying out every motorcycle magazine I could to find one that had a tone that I got on with and Bike seemed about right – Not too speed obsessed but also still able to have fun. Also my dad used to get it and I can remember reading the Ogri strips while sat in  the cupboard under the stars.

Anyway, I’d like to write some stuff for Bike but I’m not sure what I could talk about with authority so I’ve not pitched anything yet. So I was slightly surprised to find myself quoted in this month’s issue. Sadly it’s in an advert, and technically it’s a misquote but it’s a start, no?

I’ve taken a photo of it so you can enjoy the cringe-worthy comment for yourself.

A god of biking eh?

The god of biking eh? I don't actually remember saying that.

It’s nice to be quoted on something, and Charley is a lovely chap but I’m still cringing all the same.