what I've found so far

What I have found so far

Why keep old batteries or things that don’t work? What could you use them for? Perhaps it’s part of a biking mindset I just don’t understand yet, although I must admit I have a few old computer components knocking around that I very much doubt will ever be used again. I’m not sure why I store them. Perhaps because at one point I spent a lot of money on them and so it seems a bit wrong to just throw them away as rubbish.

That’s one of the worst things about modern computers, almost by the time you’ve opened the box they have decreased in value and within two years they are practically museum pieces that are unable to run the latest software. Compared to that even the most modern, cutting-edge sports bikes seem like an excellent investment. It’s extremely unlikely that in a couple of years a new system of roads will be developed that your old bike won’t be able to go on, or if it will it will only go extremely slowly and be unable to do the best bits.

The workshop is nearly sorted out now, the shelves and things are going to need a bit more work but with a couple more days of cleaning the floor will be completely clear of old scrap and rubbish and it will be possible to start working on bikes. I will need to get a few supplies in before I start, having an old jar of swarfega about is very important and I think I’ll invest in a boilersuit. My dad always used to wear one and so being in a slightly grubby boiler suit seems like an essential part of messing around with motorcycles.

I’ve pitched out some more work too, so hopefully the Daytona fund will get a fresh injection of funds, some of which may or may not be spent on boilersuits.