100mph, it’s just a figure but it seems like more. It’s supposed to be one of those milestones, a rite of passage that riders go through. Of course these days it’s a bit easier to get up to that mystical figure than it used to be, modern bikes are now so powerful that they breeze up to it and then move on.

I think I’ve had my first tonne, but I’m not sure. A few months ago I was lucky enough to go to the Ron Haslam racing school at Donington for a work thing. It was a bit wet, or at least for the first few circuits but after that it dried out and the fun really began. Thanks to the excellent training (you even get an assessment of your riding at the end of the day too) we got to really go for it on the lovely bikes we had been given for the day – A CBR600RR. They also run a training day for FireBlades but it’s a more advanced course and you have to take part in the CBR600RR day before they let you out on them.


I can remember going as fast as I dared on the straights, which felt pretty brisk to say the least. But the bikes don’t have speedometers so I have no idea if I really was going fast or if it just felt like it on the frighteningly nimble CBR600RR. Still, I suppose that is an excellent excuse to go back, to make sure I’ve done it. Not that I really need an excuse to go back, Donington is a brilliant race track and there is nothing like watching a race on the telly and being able to say – ‘Tsk Rossi, when I go around that corner, I try and go a bit wider to set up for the next one.’

The only downside on the day was having to give the bikes back. They have a pretty good gift shop so you can get mementos from your time there but I think Honda are really missing a trick by not having a dealership there. I know that if I could have brought a CBR600RR while I was there I would have.

Oh and yes, you may notice that I have rather long hair in that photo, I was going for the Spinal Tap look.