I thought I’d share a picture of the Daytona I took out for a test ride. I had it for an hour and a half and spent most of the time going no faster than 30mph in central London but even so it was delightful. Of course the turning circle made filtering require a bit more forward thinking than I was used to.  Once I allowed for that, and the titanically powerful brakes (nearly at the cost of my manhood, I’d never been on a bike that could stop so well before) I was away.

The test bike

The test bike, lurking outside my old work

It was a real shame to hand it back, and the whole time I riding back to the shop I was trying to work out if I could shuffle enough funds around on credit cards so I didn’t have to hand it back. Sadly logic prevailed, well that and credit card limits – I know that if I could have put down a deposit that moment I would have. So I had to walk away very, very sadly.

I’m still not sure I made the right choice.