Well I’ve started the first phase of the plan. I’ve moved back to my mum’s place for a bit. yes I know, now that I’m living at my parent’s house I’ll be fighting to keep the ladies away but that is not why I’ve moved home.

I moved back to save money, living in London is expensive. By moving home for a bit I’ll save lots of money which should hopefully help me buy a Daytona before all the oil on the planet runs out and we have to travel around in less exciting ways like on horses.

To start off the fun I’m going to sell a load of things I don’t need and co-ordinate this with cleaning out the garage which is where the Daytona is going to live. Optimistic I know, but it gives me something to do while I wait for editors to call me back or reply to emails.

I had the first day of this today, and it went well. The garage is in quite a state I even managed to find a rat that had died of causes unknown. It had dried out so it was like a mummified rat, or perhaps a zombie rat. Either way it wasn’t looking it’s best, I’ve decided this is not an omen.

The mummified zombie rat

The mummified zombie rat

Also while cleaning out the garage I stumbled over a motorcycle, I think it’s a Suzuki 125ER. Finding bikes in the outbuildings happens occasionally as my father used to collect them but this surprised me to say the least. I’m going to see how much it will cost to get the Suzuki on the road as it might be handy for getting about, or perhaps once it is running I could sell it and put the funds towards the 675.

Either way it’s a much better omen than a zombie rat.